Creative Ways to Use Space Under Stairs

Do you have space under the stairs in your house and are wondering how you can make use of the vacant space? Being creative can have you converting the space under your stairs into a working area or even a living space.

Here are some of the multiple ideas for space under stairs that you will love.

  1. Create a miniature library

The space under your stairs can be made into a mini library where you can store some of your books or documents. You can have a professional come on and install shelves for you to organize your books, you can make the area more comfortable and throw in some pillows where you can comfortably settle in and read.

You can look into multiple stair space ideas for the library so you can have an idea of what you have designed.

  1. Remodel into an office space.

If you work from home or sometimes have excess work that you need to carry home you require a space that is comfortable for you to work in peace. The space under your stairs can provide the best area for you to put in a home office, all you need is to find standard furniture that can fit the space and sufficient lighting so you can get your work done.

  1. Design the space into a storage area.

There are many stairs storage ideas, you can make it into the perfect under stairs shoe storage area. Also, you can use the space for storage of other items, You may not have a basement in your home to put away some unnecessary items, therefore the space under the stairs comes in handy whenever you need to put away items.

You can also check out some ideas from Tylko on how to use the space under your stairs ( )You can have a professional come in and put up some cabinets to properly organize items so you can keep the area neat.

  1. Use the space as a Pantry

If you buy non-perishable food items in bulk then you require a space where you can neatly store them. The space under the stairs is effective in serving the storage for you, this way you can keep your food items neatly organized and prevent your kitchen from getting congested. With the right furniture, you can convert the space under the stairs into a classic kitchen pantry.


The space under your stairs can serve multiple purposes for you. All you need to do is research different modern under stairs ideas you can use to design the space, so you can find the best styles for you.. Consider some very nice tips for understairs ideas in the living room designs and styles as well.

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