Choosing White Bedroom Furniture

Choosing white furniture for your bedroom is a great way to give your room a clean, streamlined look. It also complements your bed frame and headboard. Be sure to choose a nightstand with ample storage. You can choose one with a decorative bedside lamp. You can also opt for a tall dresser for additional storage space.

If you’d like to avoid the traditional white bedroom furniture, you can go for distressed pieces. These are authentic and classy, and complement colors such as duck egg blues, olive greens, and earth tones. This style will also complement a more modern decor, such as minimalist black and white or a feature wall in a vibrant shade.

While white furniture can be very durable, regular care is necessary to keep it looking new. You should avoid leaving it unattended or unprotected, but there are certain situations where you’ll need to clean it. In case you’ve accidentally spilled something on your white furniture, you can clean it by applying a mixture of white vinegar and warm water. The solution will refresh the white finish.

A white bedroom can also be paired with turquoise for a more tranquil look. This color, which is often found in nature, will complement the white furniture and make it feel more open and spacious. You can also add accents like patterned pillows and a patterned bedspread to break up the simplicity.

If you’re a DIY-er, you can make an old side table into a dresser. This style will give your bedroom a vintage look while giving you plenty of storage space. You can even try refurbishing an old side table to give it a clean, rustic touch. The result is a beautiful piece of furniture with a subtle, elegant style.

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